a suh-weet movie

I was telling a co-worker of mine recently about how there are so few really good and sweet movies for families to watch together anymore nowadays.  Ya know, movies like You’ve Got Mail and Home Alone.

I used to watch that Home Alone movie every single year when it would show on TV during Christmas time, as if it was my own tradition.  But after having moved away from home and a TV set for the last couple of years, I haven’t watched it anymore.  I’m sure I’d still enjoy watching it again, though, should I catch it on TV sometime this Christmas season.

As I was thinkin’ about good ‘ole family movies, that’s when I remembered about one particular movie that I had greatly enjoyed watching and had shared to my co-worker about today.

The movie is called Return to Me and stars Minnie Driver and David Duchovny.  Although it’s from way back in 2000, I think it’s still definitely such a lovely movie worth watching again – and especially if you’re a pet lover too.




Don’t forget about them animated movies, cuz they be great family films too, of course!  And which one’s my personal favorite?  Up , The Incredibles, and The Emperor’s New Groove.

Earlier this year, the sis had told me about an elderly man who was a patient of hers before.  His wife was his one and only visitor while he had been staying at the hospital for some weeks.

She said that when she had went into his room to check on him one day, his wife was sitting next to his bed, and both of them were looking at the TV screen with a great expectation-type of look on their faces.  So the sis asked ‘em what they were watchin’ on the TV.

That’s when both of their faces lighted up real brightly and they told her about how they’ve always been watching The Muppets’ Christmas Movies every single year together and of how they had never missed watching it together for years.  Goodness, that’s just so beautiful.

Merry Christmas to y’all!

Paul Potts on immortal song

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Yay, Paul Potts has done it again!  He’s swooned (or as my co-worker likes to say, he’s “schmoozed”) my fellow K-peeps with his voice once again!  But this time, he’s done it to a win on the Immortal Song TV show!

View the clip of his win here.

The interesting thing was that his last competitor on the show was a group named Boohwal, which had brought along a choir to sing with them on stage.  This was the very choir which he had sung for during a past visit to Korea, when he was on the Qualifications of Men TV show (posted about here).


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Black and White


Every time my Mom tells me that she’s hung laundry outside to dry, I make a flash-dash for it outside because it is highly likely that she woulda hung out ALL of our laundry out just like this pic that Felicia had taken. Oy! O.O

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Black and White

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Soul Food Sunday

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Our Creator would never have made such lovely days, and give us the deep hearts to enjoy them, above and beyond all thought, unless we were meant to be immortal.

Nathaniel Hawthorne

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computers gone bust

Phil 4:6

It finally happened.  My backup old computer went bust.  Now, I’ve got no computers to use at home.  Aw, crumb.

The laptop that I had bought on Ebay was the one I had been using for my classes since last year.  But then the letter I on the keyboard went wacko on me and it keeps typing by itself.  Maybe my computer was trying to tell me that I’m thinking and writing about myself too much?

Anyhow, so I had to close it up and break out my old (first) laptop that a fellow soldier in my former MP unit had repaired for me before.  It was working perfectly fine and dandy until yesterday.

What happened was, I was trying to hook it up to the bedroom in my Mom’s room, so that we could watch something together off the Internet.  But somehow, my non-techy skills had caused me to make my laptop’s screen disappear.  Yeah, it went away to the Twilight Zone, it seems.  I can hear the little Windows sound come on, but no picture wants to come on the screen.  Dagnabbit.

So where have I been turning to, in order to check my email, enter my online work time card (because Guam’s a day ahead, I gotta enter my work time online the following day), and do my postin’ on here?  At the fantabulous USO!

On Guam, it’s located in the village of Tumon (the touristy area) within the lobby area of the Royal Orchid Hotel.  I’ve actually been comin’ here often since about a month ago, since my other laptop had went nuts.  The reason is cuz my old computer don’t wanna jive with my printer.  For some reason, the driver download (and whatever other stuffs the matter with it) don’t wanna print what I need to print off of my computer.  So I’ve been coming here regularly for the past month, in order to print and scan some papers.

It’s been a Godsend, this place.  Especially the free chow and drinks (soda, coffee, etc).  I once ate instant noodles here, but my usual fav chow is the pasta that’s in a big cup in one of the little refrigerators at the counter.  Yummy stuff, that pasta.

Well, I gotsto be headin’ out now.  Gotta go get more cement from the Home Depot on the way home (who knows what the parents wanna cement up this time, but they mentioned to me to grab – heave ho! – a coupla bags again).  Then I gotta go cut the grass with my wonderful lawnmower, which still works.  I’ve actually had that lawnmower for about 5 years now, but had kept it in storage.  It won’t cut any grass that about knee-high.  So because the grass around my house is usually way up to shoulder-high (depending on how much rain has been showering upon us ’round here), I’ve been keeping that red lawnmower of mine in storage.

But now that the sky’s been dry lately and the grass around my house has been tamed much better, that lawnmower has been a usable tool for me.  I love it, I tell ya!  So much easier to use than a heavy weed-whacker, which requires a whole outfit to be worn prior to use (weed-whacker fashion here).

But what’s the rush with the cement-grabbing and grass mowing?  Me gotsto go for a work training in Kauai, HI for work training tomorrow for a coupla weeks.  Am I excited?  Not really, cuz it’s for work.  And I sure haven’t been to that point where I think work is “fun”, like my trainer over there in Kauai thinks of it.  What a liberating thing that must be to think of work as “fun”, huh?  Can’t imagine how much.

Anyhow, I best be skiddadling me-self now.  With my pasta-in-a-cup, of course.  Yes, I am bummed that I won’t have a laptop to take with me to use while sitting in my hotel over there on the weekends.  But as ya might’ve guessed, the Holy Spirit’s been letting me know that that’s the time for me to break out my Bible and read s’more.

A wonderful Sunday to y’all!

This flower kinda looks upside-down, but it was actually facing in this direction.  :oD

This flower kinda looks upside-down, but it was actually facing in this direction. :oD